Brazilian brawl sees 10 red cards and match abandoned

A bad-tempered Brazilian football match between Vitoria and Bahia was abandoned when 10 players were sent off after the match descended into chaos and an on-pitch brawl.

A total of 10 players — five from each side — received their marching orders in the second half after the first 45 minutes saw hosts Vitoria go 1-0 up through Denilson in the Bahia State Championship (Campeonato Baiano) game on Sunday.

Tempers became frayed when Bahia’s Vinicius netted an equalizer for the visitors from the penalty spot on 50 minutes. After leveling the score, the striker wheeled away to celebrate behind the goal, where he suggestively thrust his hips towards the crowd.

Opposition players rushed to confront him, sparking a mass brawl. Punches were thrown, strong words were exchanged, and after a 16-minute delay, eight players were dismissed, including Vinicius and three Bahia substitutes.

Play did eventually restart, but when Vitoria had a further two players sent off, reducing the match to a six-a-side format, the referee was forced to abandon the fixture. Bahia will most likely be awarded a 3-0 forfeit victory.

Aside from the flurry of reds, a further six players received yellow cards during the match.

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