The Doctor and the Oilman

Stories of Arab emigration often focus solely with refugees fleeing war and moreover persecution. But this is only has turned into a a much wider story. Extra than decades, millions of people from the Arab world have emigrated / some driven by inconsistency and persecution, others to suit economic and family grounds, settling in Europe , Australia , the Americas as If you have.

Al Jazeera World with a series of flicks titled Arabs Abroad foods emigration success stories from every part of the world. While each documented is different, common to all stands out as a effort involved with migration this substance connection between the diaspora and their Arab roots.

The Doctor

  Dr Pedro Tobias is a Lebanese  breast cancer specialist as well as the gynaecologist.   Al Jazeera

Dr Pedro Tobias is a Lebanese gynaecologist turned politician present in The brand. Tobias moved starting from Fr to The brand in 1979 to work as a wellbeing in Bauru, a city southwest of Sao Paulo whoever most famous son is well-known footballer Pele.

“I haven’t yet mastered the language like its ancient speakers, ” Tobias informs me.

In addition to being breast cancer specialist, Tobias entered Less-known brazilian politics not, he says, for personal gain but to build a newer hospital for his select community.

“Being a doctor is my life. Someone can become a politician yet not everyone can operate on patients. inches

Tobias has already built three hospitals and they are a former regional president of this Brazilian Social Democratic Soiree. The film charts your options he faces when supporting a candidate for Brazil’s top office, choices with the potential to alter his life profoundly.

The Oilman


Farouk al-Kasim is  honoured as a starring actor of Norway’s economic successful.  Al Jazeera

Iraqi geologist Farouk al-Kasim became a leading of the Norwegian oil publication rack after he travelled because of Apo to Norway five decades defunct.

He was pursuing specialist medical treatment for meet baby son.

“I ended up in Norwegian by chance. When unit youngest son was born she needed medical treatment that has not been available in Iraq. Doctors explained to me they couldn’t treat that loser and I had to find another way, ” al-Kasim says.

Back in 1968, individuals very few foreigners in Norway and he struggled to settle.

“Norway was like a recent island where people just weren’t used to seeing foreigners inside country. ”

But that changed colossally with the discovery of a considerable North Sea oil cash reserves. Al-Kasim advised the Norwegians on how best to develop their valuable natural resources and 4 decades on, they have achieved what on earth many countries have still did not do, using oil to build jobs in a blue-chip market without damaging the environment. Each documentary reveals how a delicately spoken Iraqi geologist perchased a pivotal player for an oil boom that has directed a trillion-dollar windfall for those people of Norway.

As a result, al-Kasim has place in national history, honoured as a hero of Norway’s economic success.

Source:   Al Jazeera

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