Apple plans to use iPhone as a passport

The patent and trademark office has registered the application filed by Apple to a secure data transmission technology using your iPhone.

In the future the company plans to use the smartphone as a passport, driving licence or pass to work. AppleInsider writesthat the phone also can be used for identification at airports.

The publication notes that the owners of iPhones still have to carry documents with them: so that the service could become a full replacement passport technology will have to support both countries, whose borders are crossed by the passenger.

Data transfer Apple plans to implement using the technologies RFID and NFC. They will allow you to write data to the device via a radio signal. Their reliability will provide special security Protocol and sensors for recognition of face and fingerprint — Face ID and Touch ID.

In early August, a Telegram Pavel Durov announced about the launch of the project Passport that allows you to load all your documents once and then instantly share their data with other services that require identification.

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