Architects from Vladivostok will be able to participate in a free program of the Strelka Institute

Strelka Institute continues to accept applications for a free professional development programme for architects. Registration is open on the website “Architects.of the Russian Federation”, you can apply until 23 July.

“Architects.RF” is a training program on key topics of urban development for practicing architects and designers. It is also suitable for civil servants, which for the urban planning, landscaping and economic development of the city, the senior students of relevant specialties across the country. Vladivostok will become one of the cities where the tour will go from 100 students in the program.

The program gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the methods leading design bureaus and analyze the best Russian and foreign practices with the experts to learn how to build quality, affordable housing, new public spaces standards, about how the urban environment from idea to implementation.

“Architects.of the Russian Federation” consists of online courses and offline modules and provides for free participation at all stages. Online training is in the format of lectures and educational materials.

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