Bicycle stand next to the «Vasileostrovskaya» is dismantled because of a lack of money to repair

The administration of Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg decided to dismantle the bike Parking at the metro station «Vasileostrovskaya».

Local residents told the district authorities that the Park is in need of repair. Officials agreed that the design is in poor condition, but stated that they have no money for repairs or replacement. Parking dismantle.

Informed citizens offered to replace faulty design covered Bicycle Parking more capacity. This initiative was submitted to the contest «Your budget». The beautification Committee sent a draft for consideration by the district authorities, but they said that the issue is not in their competence.

«His help in installing the new Parking space is offered MTS. We hope that cyclists will not lose located at the underground Bicycle Parking areas,» — said the participants of the movement «Beautiful Petersburg».

«Beautiful Petersburg»

Residents of the seaside area is also proposed to install indoor Bicycle Parking places near metro stations. The project won in the contest «Your budget», for its implementation will be spent 2.2 million rubles.

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