A few months in St. Petersburg will be fined for non-payment of Parking

A few months in St.-Petersburg begin to fine drivers, not paying for Parking in the city centre. On 24 July the state Duma adopted in the third reading a law allowing the police to pass on details of offenders to the city authorities.

Previously controlled by the Smolny Center Parking management was not able to fine the motorists. I had access to the database on owners of cars. The problem was supposed to solve in the fall of 2017, but the police refused to convey to the city authorities the data of defaulters.

Now the situation will change. After the adoption by the state Duma must approve the bill in the Federation Council, after which it will be signed by the President of Russia. Some time will take a change in departmental regulations of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the relevant committees of the Smolny.

The penalty for non-payment of Parking in the centre of Saint-Petersburg is 3 thousand rubles. The Statute of limitations for this violation is two months. Thus, the current offenders will be able to avoid penalties if you stop to pay to Park without paying for it.

Paid Parking in the center of St. Petersburg introduced in 2015. 87 % of drivers did not pay for Parking, that the city budget has lost more than 1.35 billion rubles.

The Village wrote, how life has changed in the city center after the launch of paid Parking.

Source: “Fontanka”

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