How broadband Internet affects the duration of sleep

Scientists analyzed how access to high speed Internet affects the duration of night sleep. About it it is reported in the journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Among the factors that lead to lack of sleep include dependence on the Internet and mobile phone use before bed. Now researchers have found that the contribution to the lack of sleep may also make access to high speed Internet.

The analysis showed that it reduces the amount of sleep, on average, 25 minutes per night. Respondents with broadband access to the Internet also 25% more likely to sleep less than 6 hours. In addition, the researchers found a negative correlation between high speed Internet and satisfaction with sleep quality.

According to the study, Internet has a greater impact on young people respondents aged 18 to 30 years, enjoying high-speed Internet, slept on 70 minutes less than those who did not have access to it.

A group of scientists under the leadership of Francesco Billari from Bocconi University in Italy came to this conclusion after reviewing the survey data the German Time Use Survey, which was conducted by the Federal statistical office of Germany in 2012-2013. The participants for three days (2 weekdays and weekend) kept a diary in which she recorded her sessions with an interval of 10 minutes.

The experts also used the results of the SOEP survey, which shows not only information about the amount of sleep, but also Internet access and computer use. In the future, scientists hope to conduct a study that will show how the Internet affects teenagers.

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