Summer festival, the TRP held in Noumea

To check their physical fitness by performing basic exercises sports complex, fans of a healthy lifestyle at the age of 18 years and older will be able to 19 August. Accepted standards TRP in the stadium of the school №6 im. Evdokia Bershanskaya.

The program of the festival includes the following disciplines: lifting the torso from the supine position, pulling up on a high bar or the snatch of the kettlebell, flexion-extension of the arms in the emphasis lying on the floor, pulling at lower the bar, bending forward from a standing position with straight legs on the gymnastic bench, long jump from place push with both feet, throwing sports equipment, running endurance and speed.

In order to participate in the festival, gelogical need to register on the website gto.ru to obtain your ID and medical permission, and then come to the testing center TRP pre-register by phone 8 (938) 42-89-125.

One who successfully passes the required number of subjects within their age category will receive gold, silver or bronze badge “Ready for labor and defense”.

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