MOE warned about the storm and the wind in the Moscow region

On Sunday evening, August 12, in the Moscow region is expected storm with rain and wind with gusts up to 17 meters per second.

According to the MOE, the adverse weather will continue until 22 hours. Strong winds and heavy rains confirmed to a leading specialist of the center weather «Phobos» Mikhail Leus. However, the weatherman did not agree with the Minister about the storm.

«We approaching cold front. Over the next few hours, he crosses the territory of the Moscow region. He will give a brief showers and gusty nature of the wind up to 10-15 m/s, thunderstorms, we don’t expect. After the front comes the cold air,» said Leus «RBC».

According to him, on Monday in the Moscow region also it will be raining. «Tomorrow afternoon above plus 22-24 degrees in the capital, plus 20-25 in the area. Weather won’t be any extreme just to be cool, windy, with short rains» — said the expert.

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