Moscow developers will once again participate in “Black Friday”

The largest annual online sale “Black Friday real estate market” (Black Friday Real Estate) will be held from 27 to 29 July. The action will take place for the fourth time.

By calculations of organizers, discounts this year can reach 40 %. The project will involve more than 30 Moscow agencies and developers, including “donstroy”, “gals-development”, “kortros is a management”, “Historical”, “Tushino 2018”, “MIEL”, Ingrad, Capital Group, AFI Development, and others.

Buyers are unable to see with the proposals on the official website of “Black Friday” and subscribe to notifications about discounts. However, their size will be known only after the promotion start at midnight on July 27. For members who have previously submitted an application, information will be available an hour earlier.

Discount during the promotion 2017 reached 37 %. Following the sale of the total volume of contracts amounted to 2.9 billion rubles, and the total amount of discounts for all real estate more than 7.3 billion.

Source: sales representatives

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