New Chinese street-food and a dinner from chef Tartarbar in Yekaterinburg

In a new column, «news of restaurants» you can see where to try the tartlets with seasonal berries, what dishes will be on the first tour dinner at Momo and which will be a new Chinese street-food.

Text: Liliya Nizamova

ADDRESS: Lenina Avenue, 25



In the confectionery Elena Goncharova La Rose appeared tartlets of almond flour with a light butter cream, pistachio powder and seasonal berries: strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. The price of the dessert — 180 rubles. Also in the near future there will be vanilla eclairs-unicorns with magical decor that are created from homemade sugar paste. Sweets made for the festival «Gastronom» on 4 August, but after numerous requests from guests at the La Rose decided to make eclairs constantly.

The menu «Rolls» appeared the dishes with mushrooms. Guests can enjoy a salad, potatoes, dumplings or sour cream with fried chanterelles.

ADDRESS: street of Boris Yeltsin, 3



8 August, a «Public Market» will be held the official opening of the organic food store and nutrition Greens. Invited guest — blogger and vegan Alya Samokhina, who will present his second book «45 shades of green» and will conduct a culinary master class in cooking protein desserts and lemonade of orchids. The participation fee is 800 rubles, if you pay the day of the event — 1 000 rubles.

August 9 bartenders from St. Petersburg Perfect Serve Bar «Room and a Half» will arrive in Yekaterinburg to hold two events on the court Double grill & bar. The first innovation lecture on neurohistology with which Ivan Lyashuk, Vladimir Nikolaev and George Kucherenko visited several European exhibitions. At the lecture, guests will learn how the brain perceives taste, and how to manage these perceptions to create multi-touch drinks. The second event Guest Bartending: the Thursday night bartenders will prepare cocktails from a special menu and chat with the guests. To find out more and to book a table in social networks Double grill & bar.

The ADDRESS: street Malysheva, 31k


11 August in «the Secret garden» restaurant’s «lost and found» will be a BBQ-party with whiskey Jack Daniel’s «Meat, whiskey, fire.» Promise to fry the meat with the Ambassador grills Weber Dmitry Workshop to make cocktails with whiskey representative Jean Roschin and style hairstyles with masters Boy Cut.

New tour season played in our gastrobar MOMO pan asian kitchen will open dinner chef of the St. Petersburg bar Tartarbar Nicholas Surneva. He opened Tartarbar as a sous-chef, and just a month later headed the kitchen of the restaurant. The only dinner will take place in Yekaterinburg on 6 September. On the menu: spicy crab, steak tomato with miso, scallop with broccoli and yogurt, cabbage Spitz with Morel sauce, halibut with foie Gras and cauliflower, and dessert «Coconut and mango.»Ticket price — 3500 rubles. They can book over the network and redeem in the restaurant.

Soon the creators of «Tours», «Engels» and «the Reptiles» will launch a new project — Asian restaurant, «Jay», which will open at the site of the bar King Me on the street 8 March, 6. Menus you can try at the festival «Gastronom»: satay chicken and Singapore Laksa. The project already has its own instagram.

In late August, Pushkin, 4 project appears Fat Dog with grilled dishes and cocktails. Menu guys could look at the past festivals, «Oh, Yes! Food!» and «Deli».

New Chinese street-food Bao Nohai will open this week on the street on March 8, 70. The menu will be scones Bao and Chinese pancakes.

Closer to fall on Malysheva, 64 will appear the Ural branch of the Camorra Pizza e Birra with the St. Petersburg AF beer Brew & Co. In his instagram creators announced search pizza makers and bartenders.

In place of «the Cheerful Magyar» on the street Krasnoarmeyskaya 68 opens a restaurant of Russian cuisine «Relatives».

On the street of Sacco and Vanzetti, 61 will launch a Duo of pizza and wine — a place for fun people, good spirits, and proper wine and pizza out of the oven.

Was closed for reconstruction projects, «Wasabi» and «Fish!» on the street Malysheva, 74. The oldest Asian restaurant will open in the city Day, and a new restaurant with Russian cuisine in November.

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