The first Gorillaz concert in Russia was interrupted by the storm

Festival Park Live was interrupted because of heavy rain and thunderstorms in Moscow. The audience announced the completion of the event in Gorky Park during the band Gorillaz, the first in Russia. Headliners of the second day of the festival managed to play a few songs before leaving the stage.

According to “Rain”, the rain started after 35-40 minutes after the start of Gorillaz performances. Because of the strong wind the water flooded the stage, where the equipment and screens. After that, the musicians interrupted the speech. While one of the spectators saidthat the crowd was struck by lightning, causing one of her friends hand went numb.

As reported TASS, after the announcement of the end of the concert the visitors remained in place in anticipation of the continuation, but half an hour later the crowd began to disperse.

Earlier, the Ministry of emergency situations has issued a storm warning due to thunderstorms, rain and strong winds with gusts up to 20 meters per second, which will continue in Moscow until the end of July 28.

Sources: "Rain", TASS

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