Roskoshestvo made recommendations for the selection of school uniforms

Roskoshestvo together with the Ministry of industry will undertake a study of school uniform for boys. The 62 brand of the pants 60 to the parameters of quality and safety.

Prior to the study Roskoshestvo published guidelines for selection of school uniforms.

First, the Agency advises to pay attention to the composition of the tissues. They should contain not less than 70% organic material, 30% synthetic. Our professionals recommend not to be afraid of synthetics, because with a little maintenance it increases the strength of the fabric and makes it less shrinkable. The climate of the middle strip, it is recommended to choose form, made of fabric with wool content of 40-60 %.

The office also leads the differences of synthetic fibres of artificial. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, elastane and acrylic, produced mainly from products of oil refining. Artificial fibers, including viscose, made from products of natural origin – cellulose. Such fabrics with similar properties to natural, well-breathable and comfortable body.

When choosing pants Roskoshestvo also recommend to pay attention to the lining. Better when it’s made of viscose or cotton with addition of synthetic fibers. Also the experts suggest to be attentive to all the details of the trousers: from the zips, ending the form of buttons. They don’t have to be traumatic.

Source: Roskoshestvo

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