The court extended the prohibition of activities of the Irkutsk shopping center «arena»

Kuibyshev district court upheld the decision to suspend the activities of the shopping center «arena» to eliminate violations of fire safety. After repeated checks, the Prosecutor’s office found no grounds for lifting the ban, reports the press service of the Ministry.

Earlier at the Mall found numerous violations of fire safety requirements.

System automatic fire alarm and warning system and evacuation management was inefficient, room of the basement was not equipped with emergency exits, the building was not provided with fire extinguishing means, on the escape route from the basement to the first floor were installed a curved staircase.

The Prosecutor’s office ordered the owners of the shopping center «arena» to eliminate violations and sent to court the petition for the suspension of the activities of the object. In the course of the proceedings, the defendant repeatedly stated that the elimination of violations and compliance with building fire safety requirements and provide the inspection reports by third party organizations.

The Prosecutor’s office found no objective confirmation of the elimination of violations and provided the court with additional conclusions about the previously identified violations. The court granted the Prosecutor’s claim.

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