“I have my own house on the water in St. Petersburg”

In 2012, the year we lived in a small two-bedroom apartment. We had three daughters, but I continued to dream about his son. The spouse said, if you want son, solve the housing issue. Some serious savings we did not exist, loans, mortgages and other clamps was not even considered. Then I went to Smolenko to the Blessed Xenia (the Chapel of St. blessed Xenia of. – Approx. ed.). Come and say: “Ksenochka, please help me to correct the issue, you see, my wife says what, and?”.

I then constantly through all sorts of listings on the Internet and was thinking of a floating platform for the construction, here I came across this dock. Came to watch: mahina was a big unfinished. Sold him a Navy man who had a small farm with several technical ships and other vessels. They with a companion built themselves a floating office, a restaurant and mini-hotel. But somehow the case was too long, as time went on, and the building stood. The dock was flooded and had a rather dull appearance; it was obvious that the money is spent, but everything began to decay and mold. I doubted very much whether I will be able to pull, as it seemed, such a huge project.

Brought my wife Anna and my mom for advice. They said they have no idea how this can result in the human species, but both assured that it is ready to support me in all endeavors. Rear cover, tear to the fight! My younger brother, we grew up together and life help each other, too, was very skeptical about buying. Well, if you’re so smart, they say, take my money!

Worth the landing stage about as much as it was very nice apartment. My surprise knew no bounds when I managed to bargain a decent amount. I was burning, and the seller felt it, felt my passion and lost – I’m still very grateful for the support and advice of restoration. Surprisingly, but gradually everything began to turn, debts were given and slowly rebuilding. Mom helped, and brother, as usual, threw a shoulder, special thanks to him! Yet tidied the living area, Anya wore my long-awaited Seraphim. From the hospital I brought him in our quarters. So now we are six. Ksenochka helped.

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