In the centre of Moscow will limit movement from-for “excitement”

In Moscow for the fifth consecutive year the rally will take place of Soviet cars, which organizes the GUM. It will begin on Saturday, June 21.

The race will take part 133 crew on the vintage cars of the Soviet brands such as GAZ, ZIS, ZIL, “Moskvich” and “Zaporozhets”. They will drive 100 kilometers to historical places of the capital. Cars will arrive from different regions: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Kaluga, Krasnodar, Lipetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi and other cities.

Because of the rally in the center of Moscow will be partially restricted the movement of vehicles from 20 to 22 July. Thus, the Exchange area will be completely closed until 16:00 on July 21 and July 22 from 01:00 to 05:00. In addition, partially overlaps the’inka from the Exchange to the red square from 00:01 until 16:00 on 21 July and from 01:00 to 05:00 on July 22.

Source: press service of TMS, the press service of the Gum

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