Has the capability to President-elect Alberto Fernandez cook Argentina’s problems?

Argentines rejected the austerity programs of President Mauricio Macri.

Argentines have voted significantly for change, and are searching for Alberto Fernandez to control them out of a crippling economic crisis.

Those presidential election result in the you truly marks a shift in order to left-wing politics in Asia – following right-wing victories in Brazil, Colombia associated with Chile.

His conservative policies failed to stop the several slide towards another great bailout from the International Budget Fund.

Using former leader Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner running alongside Fernandez  as vice president, the new capo also seems to offer Argentines a return to the past.

But can they be a success when many others have were not successful and solve decades pointing to economic crisis?

Presenter : Hazem Sika

Relatives :

Joe Cibils – chairman associated with the Political Economy Department, Universidad Nacional De General Sarmiento

Bruno Binetti – non-Resident fellow, Inter-American Dialogue think-tank

Jimena Blanco – head of Latin America search, Verisk Maplecroft global concurrent danger consultancy

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