Venezuelans travel many hundreds kilometres by foot

Cucuta, Colombia – A steady view of migrants cross the Simon Bolivar International reach and international Bridge – the main trip between Colombia and Venezuela   – every day. A bit of cross temporarily, for a day or two, depending on Colombia’s medical facilities, schools and businesses to outlive as their country continues to spiral into an economic, political not to mention health crisis. Others least families carrying babies and toddlers, teenagers and women, the elderly – heft suitcases packed with clothes, bedding, anything they can carry on specific backs – and towards the, unsure of when they sees their homes again.

For those who cross over in search of new opportunities, the very bridge is just the beginning including what will likely be a gruelling journey. Many do not have each means to make the exodus using bus because their have to have, the Venezuelan bolivars, continues to be turned into little more than highly decorated scraps of paper triggered rampant hyperinflation.

Instead, they slowly walk, beginning their journey in just the sweltering border desert not too distant of Cucuta, Colombia , with the sunshine beating on their backs not to mention climb towering mountain varieties defined by cold condition, pouring rains and rotating roads. Some head to localized towns in search for occupation, others travel to Colombia’s oversized cities like Bogota ( walking  563km or 350 miles) and simply Medellin (595km or 370 miles), many more flee under the region to countries almost like Ecuador, Peru, Chile but also Argentina. Almost all are suspicious of what waits down the track.

Hedelag Jazeera followed the route some Venezuelans take as they get yourself their journeys in search of a lot lives than the ones they already have left behind.

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