Hollywood sex scandal. Whom Weinstein Molested

A scandal erupted around the influential producer — dozens of women accused him of sexual harassment.

A sex scandal erupted in Hollywood — many actresses accused Oscar-winning producer Harvey Weinstein of harassment . In early October, the New York Times and New Yorker, and then other American media, reported numerous cases of Weinstein’s sexual harassment of Hollywood actresses.

In particular, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Rosanna Arquette, Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino and other actresses made accusations against the producer. It got to the point that the police launched an investigation into Weinstein, his wife filed for divorce, and the producer himself was fired from his own company, Weinstein Co.

Correspondent.net crashed in a scandal around the most colorful businessman in Hollywood, which is discussed all over the world.

What buried Weinstein’s career

Back in 2012, one of the heroines of the Studio 30 series joked: «I have no one to be afraid of in show business. I refused to have sex with Harvey Weinstein at least three times … Out of five.»

On October 5 of this year, the New York Times published an investigation that one of the most influential Hollywood producers, Harvey Weinstein, harassed subordinates and young actresses for many years, and then paid off their charges.

On October 9, Weinstein was fired from his own film studio, and on October 10 it was announced that the name of the founder would be removed from the company name.

Weinstein with his wife

Reporters learned that before firing, Weinstein asked agents of major Hollywood celebrities and heads of other film studios to intercede for him before the board of directors of the Weinstein Company — but to no avail.

Weinstein turned from a good friend of Quentin Tarantino and Barack Obama into a Hollywood pariah in a few days.

According to the NYT, for decades women (including actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan) have been victims of his harassment, but not a single case has gone to court.

In response, Weinstein issued an official statement of apology «for the suffering caused» and promised to improve, but then announced that he intends to sue the publication.

Who blamed what

Several other actresses reported harassment by the producer, including Romola Garay, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

So, according to the memoirs of Ashley Judd, two decades ago, Weinstein invited her to meet at the Peninsula Beverly Hills for a business breakfast, but he appeared in front of her in a bathrobe and offered to give her a massage.

The actresses who accused Weinstein of sex addiction

According to the recollections of Romola Garai, at the auditions with Weinstein, she felt she had no right to resist.

According to actress and TV presenter Lauren Sivian, about ten years ago, the producer squeezed her at a party in the corner, told her to «shut up» and began to masturbate until he reached orgasm.

As the woman explained, she did not declare what had happened, as she was afraid of the scandal and Weinstein himself, who had great media influence.

Actress Asia Argento told the New Yorker in detail how in 1997 she accepted an invitation to Weinstein’s party at the hotel, but there was no one in the room, except for the producer in a dressing gown and with a bottle of massage lotion.

Weinstein accused of harassment

She was scared to protest and then Weinstein lifted her skirt and made cunnilingus. As Argento told the publication, her guilt and inability to talk about what happened was aggravated by the fact that she subsequently volunteered for sex with Weinstein several times and accepted his help.

Another woman that Weinstein said was forced into oral sex was aspiring actress Lucia Evans. She told the New Yorker that the producer invited her to his office, praised her and promised roles, and then unbuttoned his pants and made him give him a blowjob.

According to Roseanne Arquette, she fought back the producer, so she lost at least one of the roles to which she was signed.

Scandal erupts around Weinstein

Not a couple of hours go by without new information about Harvey Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior — Cara Delevingne, Lea Seydoux, Heather Graham, Lucia Evans, in general — half of Hollywood.

It is noteworthy that some actresses say that Weinstein’s behavior was no secret in Hollywood. Others admit that this was shocking news to them.

For example, actress Meryl Streep, who in her speech at the presentation of the Golden Globe Awards called him a god, said that the charges against Weinstein shocked her to the core.

Weinstein needs to be treated

Shortly after the first publication, Weinstein wrote to colleagues that he wanted to temporarily retire in order to save his reputation and keep his position. He denied most of the charges.

“I understand that the way I have treated colleagues in the past has been very painful for them, and I apologize for that. Although I am trying to improve, I still have a lot to do,” Weinstein said.

«If I go through psychotherapy and take a course of psychological counseling, as other people did, I think I will be given a second chance … All I need is for the film industry to support me,» said a letter provided to the New York Times. one of its recipients.

Dozens of actresses accused Weinstein of harassment

On the eve of considering the issue of Weinstein’s dismissal from the Weinstein Company, several people left the company’s board of directors at once. The decision was made by the four remaining directors — including his brother Bob Weinstein.

In a letter to Harvey Weinstein’s advisor, his brother stated that «Harvey probably really needs to seek professional help and solve a problem that really exists.»

He also said that Democratic organizations are returning money that Harvey Weinstein donated to him to support women’s rights.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is also a strong blow to the US Democratic Party, which the Hollywood producer has supported (including financially) over the years.

Weinstein’s films

Together with his brother, Weinstein created the legendary Miramax company, which was later sold to Disney.

In 2004, Weinstein was awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen of Great Britain for his contributions to the British film industry.

He is the recipient of many prestigious awards including Oscars and BAFTAs.

Thanks to Weinstein, Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, The Lord of the Rings, Gangs of New York, Inglourious Basterds, The King’s Speech !, Others, Equilibrium, Kill Bill, The Aviator, Sin City and many others were filmed.

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