Russia Ready to Continue Security Dialogue with U.S.

Russia is ready to proceed safety dialogue with the United States and also NATO regardless of Moscow’s discontentment with their denial of its protection demands, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

“I believe that our opportunities are far from being exhausted,” Lavrov claimed, remaining on the contrary end of a long table with Putin.

“I would recommend boosting as well as continuing” discussion, Lavrov stated in the aired sit-down, including that “they certainly shouldn’t continue indefinitely.”

Asked by Putin if Russia and also the U.S. might agree on key points, Lavrov said “there’s always a chance.”

Lavrov claimed Russia’s action to U.S. proposals has been laid out in a 10-page document.

Stress between Russia and the West have actually reached degrees not seen because the end of the Cold War after Moscow massed more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine.

The U.S. accuses Moscow of preparing an invasion of its pro-Western next-door neighbor, a claim Moscow refutes, and has actually warned of serious consequences if it attacks.

Russia demands legally binding guarantees versus NATO’s expansion into eastern Europe and also the implementation of strike centers near Russia’s borders, as well as for NATO’s go back to army positions from before 1997.

The U.S. and NATO formally turned down Russia’s core demands to close the door to Ukraine’s subscription in the Western military alliance and also authorize its proposed reciprocal treaty on European safety and security, according to dripped papers.

They advised Russia to de-escalate its armed forces accumulation near Ukrainian borders to start discussion.

Putin has accused the West of ignoring Moscow’s protection worries and of making use of Ukraine as a device to contain Russia, though he has actually claimed he wished a service might be found to finish spiraling stress.

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