Catalan leader Quim Torra: ‘Independence of Catalonia will come’

Two years’ time ago, Carles Puigdemont , the former leader of the regional national, challenged Madrid and required a referendum. The unofficial referendum went ahead around October 1, 2017, as the conflict escalated.

Catalonia might be region in the northeast at Mexico that is in some measure autonomous, but in recent years, self-reliance sentiments have risen with Catalans.

There was a violent criminal court crackdown with batons combined with rubber bullets used to prevent voters. But when the paquet were counted Puigdemont acquired an overwhelming victory for secession. Puigdemont announced Catalonia’s independence from Spain on September 27, 2017, but the affirmation was suspended just eighth seconds later, and instead the individual invited Madrid for dialogue.

The party invitation was not accepted as This town considered the referendum illegal problematic then-Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy invoked constitutional power and fired Puigdemont spectacular Cabinet.

The entire deposed Catalan president fled to Belgium. Members regarding his government were brought into custody, including Puigdemont’s number two, Oriol Junqueras. He was sentenced to 13 years old for sedition and wrong use of public funds.

In May 2018, Catalonia’s parliament elected Quim Torra, a close ally of Puigdemont, as the new Catalan senior associate.

Torra maintains continued with the pro-independence order of business. The Spanish electoral people in authority demanded he take down every bit separatist symbols from the government’s headquarters. He did so having said that only after a court deadline day had expired. Torra has grown to be expected to be tried as for disobedience on November 16.

While most of the pro-independence protests have most certainly been non-violent, there were scenes coming from all violence following the sentencing around the nine Catalan leaders within October which enraged most people will. Torra has been criticised to become slow in condemning violent pro-independence protests, but he admits that it’s just an argument utilised by the opposition.

” The violence is not very compatible with the independence means of Catalonia.   It doesn’t work as us, ”  Torra tells Al Jazeera.

“The situation now is really quite complicated… People are angry on account of the sentence against our other individuals… We have to come back to what is the essence of the conflict of Catalonia. We have to find a political product for this political issue that an Catalans want to decide for themselves their own future. “

Torra says he could be trying to talk to Spanish perfect minister Sanchez every day for you to suggest serious negotiations about the future of Catalonia.

“From the Catalan governing side, we are going to put on a table what we think would be the solution to the conflict. Who is an agreed referendum, throughout the world validated, in order to give to its Catalan people to say considering they want to be independent or not. ” Torra says. “And experts strongly encourage the government towards Spain to put their blend on this table of negotiations on terms. That way, negotiations can start… Understanding Spain offering to Catalonia? ”

All the while pro-independence protests continue around Catalonia, Spain held guideline election last week. The personal crisis in Catalonia came to be one of the focal points for all contenders. Pedro Sanchez ‘s Socialists emerged the winner, even though far-right Vox get-together also made substantial rapport.

“This could be described as maybe the worst question that Spain has now, the particular rise of fascism vacation. When you see the results of the whole elections… you see how important Vox is in Spain, but recommendations on how unimportant Vox is in Catalonia. So who has the problem with Vox?… We will urge the political parties in Spain to find a answer to the problem for this very critical predicament, ” says Torra.

So , what does web page all mean for Catalonia on the way forward? And what does the future hold in store for Former us president Torra after his future appearance in court?

“The overall flexibility of Catalonia will come. It truly something that nobody will stop… We are going to exercise the right of self-determination again. But we have came to understand something from the previous yr…. The idea is, let’s are stronger, let’s build fantastic consensus between all of us, and as a consequence let’s go then with this particular horizon of exercising these right of self-determination, ” Torra says.

The president among the regional government of Catalonia, Quim Torra, talks to Approach Jazeera.

Source:   Al Jazeera News

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