Apple was warned about the negative consequences of the tariffs proposed by Trump

“Our concern about these tariffs is that they will hit the US most and that this will lead to less growth and competitiveness, but to higher prices for buyers in the United States,” the company’s spokesman said to the US sales representative Robert Lighthouse. A copy of the letter is posted on the government portal E-rulemaking under the supervision of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Apple explained that this includes, among other things, the “smart watch” Apple Watch, headphones AirPods, personal computer Mac mini, some chargers, accessories for the iPad and cables. In this case, the iPhone’s smartphone is not listed among the products that can fall under the wave of price increases.

Previously, Lightheiser said that the US administration plans to impose duties of 25% on imports of Chinese goods and services worth $ 200 billion. The media reported that duties on goods worth 200 billion will be introduced in September. Trump himself did not name the date, but warned that it could happen “very soon”. On Friday, Trump said that the US is ready to introduce duties on goods from China worth another $ 267 billion in addition to those already available.

The trade war between China and the United States began after the July 6 this year, the reciprocal customs duties between these states entered into force. The US imposed a 25% duty on the import of 818 items from China with a total supply of $ 34 billion a year. As a countermeasure, China imposed a 25% duty on imports of the same volume of American goods on the same day. In August, the US imposed a 25% duty on imports of Chinese goods worth $ 16 billion, immediately after that the Chinese side introduced similar measures. The discontent of the United States is caused by the trade imbalance between the two countries, which, according to Washington, is 500 billion dollars in favor of China.

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