Banks will return transfers without the client’s consent out of court

KRASNODAR, Sep 3 – RIA Novosti. Doubtful bank transfers, made without the consent of the client, will soon return to the payer in extrajudicial order, told reporters. Director of the Department of Information Security of the Bank of Russia Artem Sychev.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed on June 27 a law on countering embezzlement of funds from bank cards. The law fixes the right of banks to suspend the execution of an operation for a period not exceeding two working days in the event that there are suspicions that the operation was committed without the consent of the client. The regulator will determine the signs of the transfer of funds without the consent of the client. The law comes into force on 27 September.

“In the law there is a procedure for repaying money. Earlier, there were cases when banks agreed with each other and even braked money on suspicious transactions in time, but they could not return this money to the rightful owner. covers the entire range of situations when the money reaches the recipient, but some percentage of the money will be returned, “Sychev said.

He also explained that the rule on extrajudicial write-off passed twice through the commission on the codification of legislation under the President of the Russian Federation, as well as through many other legal filters, and was eventually legitimized. “The sender’s bank must receive information from the client that he did not perform this operation, after that it is necessary to put the beneficiary’s bank in charge of this and the beneficiary’s bank will write off the funds,” Sychev added.

“Of course, the new law is not a panacea, but our goal is to create conditions for the perpetrators that will make them uncomfortable,” he concluded.

The State Duma denied reports on the introduction of a tax on bank transfers

MOSCOW, June 29 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. Irina Guseva, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes (United Russia), denied information on the introduction of a tax on bank transfers.

“Now the news is on the Internet, that money transfers from the card to the card will be taxed from July 1. It’s not true, people do not have to succumb to such provocations,” the deputy told reporters.She recalled that the obligation of banks to notify the tax authorities on the opening of accounts and deposits of citizens is effective from 2014 and only if there is a motivated request from the tax authority (when conducting a tax audit, as well as demanding documents or information).

“The law of November 27, 2017 No. 343-FZ amended the Tax Code, requiring banks from June 1, 2018, at the request of the tax authorities, to provide information on accounts in precious metals. No other changes to the tax control rules were introduced, especially regarding the introduction tax on bank transfers, “Guseva stressed.

The parliamentarian also noted that no one can track the minimum payments. The bank is obliged to notify the tax service only when dealing with funds with an amount of 600 thousand rubles or more.“At the same time, you can get under suspicion for conducting a follow-up check if you regularly pay large sums on your card, for example, if a citizen regularly receives payment for renting housing.” The official justification is required to verify. received money (certificates from the employer, donative from parents, etc.), but they will not be able to automatically write off the transfer tax to another card without justification, “summed up the first deputy ed of the budget committee.

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