China intends to uphold the liberalization of trade

China is ready to firmly advocate for liberalization and trade facilitation, as well as to promote the construction of an open-type world economy, Chinese President Xi Jinping said during a meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Sunday.

The head of the world organization arrived in Beijing to participate in the summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, which will be held in the Chinese capital on September 3-4.”China’s determination to further deepen the reforms will remain unchanged.We are ready to lead all sides with practical actions, together to support liberalization and trade facilitation, to build a world economy of an open type,” Xi Jinping said, quoted on the website of the Foreign Ministry of the PRC.

The Chinese leader stressed that the policy of unilateral actions and protectionism, which has been reviving in recent times, “are hitting the world order and the global governance system.”

“The world needs multilateralism and a strong United Nations more than ever before,” Xi Jinping said.

He also expressed the hope that the UN will remain impartial and fair, will play a leading role in protecting international peace, promoting common development, especially in deepening international cooperation to address global challenges.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry called the policy of US pressure on the trade issue useless

The policy of US pressure on the trade issue is useless against China and will not help resolve the trade conflict, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chuning said on Friday.

Previously, Bloomberg, referring to sources, said that US President Donald Trump is preparing in September to introduce the next “tranche” of US duties on Chinese imports of $ 200 billion.

“The so-called inflexible policy of US pressure is useless towards China, it also can not help solve the problem.” Those who still believe that China will bow its head from fear and unfounded criticism should already wake up, “said Hua Chunying, commenting on reports on possible new US import duties.

She stressed that China adheres to a consistent position in the trade and economic conflict with the United States.

“The Chinese side is trying its best to solve the issue properly through an equal, sincere and constructive dialogue, which is in line with the fundamental interests of both sides, as well as the expectations of the entire international community,” the Chinese diplomat added.

The trade war between China and the United States began after the July 6 this year, the reciprocal customs duties between these states entered into force. The US imposed a 25% duty on the import of 818 items from China with a total supply of $ 34 billion a year. As a countermeasure, China imposed a 25% duty on imports of the same volume of American goods on the same day. Last Thursday, the US imposed a 25% duty on imports of Chinese goods worth $ 16 billion. A minute later, the Chinese side introduced similar measures.

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