The Great Outdoors

Bundle up warmly and enjoy

Nikerichev Andrei / Moskva News Agency

For a huge
urban center,
Moscow has
a surprising number
of places for recreation,
even in the winter.
Most sites are easily
accessible by metro
or bus. Whether you
want to ski downhill
or cross-country, try
out a snowboard or just
stroll in the fresh frosty
air, we’ve got it for you.
And guess what? There
are husky puppies, too

Volen and Stepanovo

Volen, 60 kilometers to the north
of the city, is one of the best-known
ski resorts in the Moscow
region. A short 15-minute bus
ride away is Stepanovo, a smaller
complex. There are ski lifts, runs of
varying difficulty, and high-quality
slope maintenance, as well as an
alpine-themed hotel and Russian
and Finnish bath houses on site.

1 Troitskaya Ulitsa. Yahroma,
Moscow region. +7 (495) 993 9540.

Stepanovo Press Service

Meshcersky Park

Located just outside the city limits
in Odinstovo, Meshchersky Park
is one of the newest additions
to Moscow’s outdoor preserves
with lots of woodlands and a large
pond. It’s a beautiful place for
quiet walks. There are paths and
routes for cross-country skiing –
a total of five tracks,
ranging from just over
a kilometer to four
kilometers. You can
rent skis there or bring
your own.

Odinstovsky raion.
Bus 883 from Metro
Filyovsky Park
to Mershchersky
Prud stop.

Meshchersky Park Press Service

Kuzminki Park

Kuzminki offers several types of
sled rides pulled by magnificent and
strong huskies for both kids and
adults. You can choose a simple
twenty-minute ride and a tour
of the husky nursery or a more
adult-oriented, three-hour trip to
a lake in the depths of the park –
with champagne and a barbecue
afterwards. And then – more
snuggles with husky puppies.

7 Ulitsa Zarechye, Bldg. 2.
Metro Lublino. +7 (915) 034 0834.

Yulia Yakovleva


This huge park has some of the best
skiing in the city. Besides a 2-kilometer
track, you can go off it to zip
around part of the 45-kilometer ski
route. If you have your own skis, it’s
open 24 /7, otherwise you can rent
some at the park where the 6th
Luchevoi and Maisky Prosek come
together. If you don’t want to ski,
you can stroll through the forest,
skate on the big rink, try Nordic
walking, or go tubing down one of
the hills.

1/1 Ulitsa Sokolnichesky Val.
Metro Sokolniki. +7 (499) 393 9222.

Vedyashkin Sergei / Moskva News Agency


Kant is an artificial hill just a 5-minute walk from Nagornaya
metro station, where you can enjoy
snowboarding or skiing. Nicknamed
the “Moscow Alps” by its management,
Kant offers 11 ski runs
including one trail exclusively for
beginners. There are also tubing
runs, a cafe and instructors for

7 Elektrolitny Proyezd, Bldg. 2.
Metro Nagornaya.
+7 (495) 669 7849.

Meshchersky Park Press Service

Lisya Gora

Lisya Gora, or “Fox Mountain,” is
a picturesquely named complex
seven kilometers outside Moscow
city limits, that offers five slopes
catering to both beginners and
confident skiers. The complex has
snowboard and ski jumps, including
some for freestyle practice. Tubing
is an option, and all runs are open
until midnight if you prefer nighttime

Leonovskoye Shosse,
Balashikha, Moscow region.
+7 (985) 210 0906. foxrock.su


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