The source spoke about a possible change in the rules for the use of unmanned aircraft

At the moment, he reminded, a separate permit is required for each flight, and the permit itself has to wait five days, it is valid for three days.

“Now, without permission, you can fly within the limits of visual visibility.” If an unmanned aircraft (SVS) takes off to a height of 150 meters, then it does not need to receive permits, “Babintsev said on the sidelines of” Hydroaviation-2018 “.

Exceptions are restricted areas, for example, airports, hazardous facilities, including nuclear power plants, he said. “In the settlements it was the rule that the city administration should give permission for using drones,” Babintsev recalled.

At the same time, there are no restrictions in the proposed mass media.According to the head of the association, this innovation will benefit primarily hobbyists and model aircraft, and these changes will help owners and operators of airborne troops in carrying out air farming, aerial photography.

The draft changes, Babintsev continued, is in the Ministry of Transport. He expressed hope that the changes will be adopted already this year.

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