Bitcoin rate rose above $ 5.8 thousand, renewing highs again

The rate of bitcoin (bitcoin), the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, after overcoming the psychological mark of 5 thousand dollars, rose to a record 5.8 thousand dollars apiece on Friday night, follows from the trading data.

On Thursday afternoon, according to the Bitfinex exchange, the cryptocurrency rate rose to historical marks of $ 5.215 per bitcoin. During the day, the cryptocurrency continued to grow, and as of 5.30 Moscow time on Friday night, a new maximum was recorded – 5.865 thousand dollars apiece (+ 20.7% per day). At the same time, on the Poloniex exchange, the bitcoin rate rose to the level of 5.841 thousand dollars apiece, on the BitStamp exchange – up to 5.817 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin: downward correction likely in late October-early November

Of the other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin showed the greatest growth, as of 11.30 Moscow time on Friday, its rate, according to the Coinmarketcap.com trading platform, was $ 57.99 per unit, showing a daily growth of 12.75%. The second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin by capitalization, Ethereum, also showed an increase of 6.4% per day, its price at 11.30 Moscow time was $ 326.17 per share. At the same time, the rate of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency that appeared during the division of bitcoin changed slightly – at 11.30 Moscow time on Friday, it was $ 310.2 per share (a drop of 1%).

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, as of Friday afternoon, was about $ 171.3 billion. The capitalization of this market reached historic highs on September 2 – then it amounted to $ 179.8 billion. The first place in terms of capitalization ($ 94.5 billion) is traditionally held by bitcoin (BTC), which occupies 55.2% of the market. In second place is Ethereum with a capitalization of $ 31.2 billion. Ripple closes the top three with a capitalization of $ 9.5 billion.

In early September, Bitcoin began to fall amid negative news about the ban on crypto exchanges in China. Having reached the mark of 4.9 thousand dollars, the cryptocurrency showed negative dynamics for two weeks. Bitcoin reached its minimum on September 15 – $ 3.1 thousand.

However, then Bitcoin began to win back positions. The next day, September 16, it was already trading above $ 3.5 thousand, and on September 18, it returned to the $ 4 thousand mark.

In late October and early November, another hard fork is expected, as a result of which a new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is formed from bitcoin. The BTG protocol aims to change the bitcoin algorithm so that miners can mine currency on graphics processing units (GPUs). It is expected that users wishing to switch to BTG will be able to receive tokens of the new cryptocurrency.

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