BMJ: Severe Liver Damage Caused By Taking Popular Body Cleanser

The British medical journal BMJ Case Reports reported a case of severe liver damage in a 38-year-old man who did not suffer from alcoholism or diabetes after taking magnesium sulfate for two weeks.

This remedy is popular among adherents of alternative medicine, RIA Novosti notes.

The patient described by BMJ was taking magnesium sulfate in the hopes that it would help him get rid of gallstones. After some time, he developed diarrhea, lost his appetite, his eyes and skin turned yellow. He will soon see a doctor.

Doctors diagnosed the patient with liver fibrosis. The work of the organ will return to normal only after a few months, experts say.

Magnesium sulfate is used in traditional medicine as a saline laxative and a remedy for obesity. Proponents of naturopathy, however, use this substance to cleanse the body of «slags» and «toxins», although there is no scientific evidence of such an effect.

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