Brazilian circus and cat show «Hatulyandiya»

The editors publish a list of cultural and recreational activities for the whole family that can be visited this weekend. Tickets are available at the online ticket office.

On Friday and Saturday in Ashkelon and Natsrat-Ilit Moscow theater of people and puppets «Chudaki» will perform with the program «The Four Seasons». The show is recommended for children 2 years of age and older.

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The Jumping to Brazil circus will perform in Rishon LeZion on Saturday. Spectacular acrobatics, funny clowns, colorful carnival costumes and traditional percussion musical instruments await the audience.

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On Saturday, Ashdod will host the international judges’ cat show «Hatulyandiya». It will feature cats of rare breeds and colors. There will also be magic lessons for children and adults.

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The play «Unclaimed Ashes» will be shown at the Little Theater studio in Tel Aviv on Friday. The plot is based on the meeting of two men in the crematorium, when they receive an urn with the ashes of their beloved. The performance is based on the play by Mikhail Baranovsky, a well-known Moscow journalist, playwright and screenwriter. The director of the play is Yuri Goldin, the former chief director of the Kultura channel.

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Tel Aviv Dance Festival will take place on Friday and Saturday in Tel Aviv. Eleven dancers will perform on the stage, showing all the skills of free dance.

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For a more complete list of things to do next weekend, visit the NEWSru.co.il Playbill website.

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