Controversial producer accused brother of conspiring against him

Harvey Weinstein blames brother for sex scandal

The producer blames the relative for the sex scandal around him.

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was at the center of a sexual harassment scandal, blamed his brother for the incident, TMZ reports.

According to Harvey, it was his brother, Bob Weinstein, who gave the New York Times “gossip” about the producer’s behavior.

Later, the newspaper reporters published an article in which Harvey Wanstein was accused of sexual harassment. As the filmmaker notes, his brother went for it in order to survive Harvey from the company he himself founded.

At the same time, Bob Weinstein, in response to his brother’s accusations, said that he was a “sick man” who was trying to justify himself behind fake stories.

Earlier, the Correspondent  reported that producer Harvey Weinstein lost his wife due to a sex scandal.

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