Disabled pensioner from Novgorod convicted of selling someone else’s apartment

A Novgorod court sentenced a pensioner convicted of stealing someone else’s property by deception and abuse of trust to 6 years in prison.

The court also ruled to recover 2.1 million rubles from the defendant in favor of the victim as compensation for material damage, VelikiyNovgorod.ru reports.

According to the case file, in 2013, the man promised to help the owner of an apartment in Veliky Novgorod with its sale and subsequent purchase of cheaper housing of a smaller area, so that with the help of the remaining money he could pay off debts.

“The defendant received from the victim a notarized power of attorney for the sale of his apartment, with the right to conclude a sale and purchase agreement on his own behalf and receive the money received from the transaction. million rubles, intended for transfer to the victim as payment for the sold apartment, knowingly not having the intention to fulfill the obligations assumed, “the court said.

The seller of the apartment did not transfer the money he received to the victim, but disposed of it at his own discretion.

As mitigating circumstances, the court took into account the retirement age, disability and state of health of the defendant, as well as the presence of young children.

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