District Commission Blocks New Construction in Rosh HaAyin

The District Commission for Planning and Development of the Central District decided to block the advancement of plans for the construction of 12.5 thousand housing units in Rosh Ain until 13 conditions for improving the city’s transport infrastructure are met, The Marker reports.

Currently, the poorly planned road network between Rosh HaAyin and access roads leads to significant congestion during peak hours, affecting not only city residents, but all communities along Highway 5.

One of the most important conditions is the creation of dedicated lanes for public transport on highway 444 near the railway station, on highway number 5 from the Kesem interchange to the exit to the Ayalon highway, on highways 471, 483 and on a number of large Rosh HaAin streets with a total length of 57 kilometers.

It also requires modernization of the turns to the left at the entrance to the city from Highway 444 and at major city intersections.

Another requirement is the beginning of the use of the Rosh Ain-Darom railway station for passengers (at the moment it is used only as a freight station).

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