For a candid selfie on his phone, a teenager received a year probation

In the United States, a teenager was prosecuted for a nude photo of his girlfriend and a similar selfie found on his mobile phone.

Despite the obvious curiosity of the case, recognized even by legal experts, the American Themis took the violator quite seriously, The Guardian reports.

17-year-old North Carolina resident Cormega Copening has been indicted on four counts for his own nude selfie and one each pertaining to his nude girlfriend. “Pornography” was discovered by the police during an inspection of the school, which was carried out on the basis of information received about allegedly taking place in the educational institution of photography with sexual connotations, carried out without the consent of the children who were photographed, with the aim of subsequently distributing the pictures.

Despite the fact that the photographs found on Kopenin showed only himself and his girlfriend, whom he photographed with her consent, they were charged under federal law on child pornography.

At the same time, despite the lack of facts of the distribution of the discovered photographs, the accusations of creating child pornography reached the court, where Kopenin, who, unlike his girlfriend, refused to make a deal with justice and admit his guilt, was found guilty and sentenced to one year of probation. …

It should be noted that what happened to Kormega Kopenin in many ways became possible only thanks to an absurd coincidence. On the one hand, a nude selfie and a candid photo of a friend were taken by him at a time when both were 16 years old. As a result, the American Themis regarded such pictures as “teenage pornography.” On the other hand, when the candid pictures were discovered, the unfortunate photographer and his girlfriend were already 17 years old. Thus, they have already appeared before the court as adults.

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