Former Playboy model accused director Oliver Stone of harassment

Among Hollywood celebrities accused of sexual harassment and disrespect for women, another figure has emerged: director and producer Oliver Stone, winner of three Academy Awards.

Former Playboy model Carrie Stevens made accusations against him. She told the New York Daily News that Stone once grabbed her chest in front of everyone, demonstrating that this behavior is in the order of things for him .

Stevens, 48, says the events she describes took place about a quarter of a century ago, even before she made the cover of Playboy. At the house of media mogul Ted Field, a party was held in honor of Stone. She says that when Oliver grabbed her by the chest, the people who were standing nearby and watching what was happening did not react in any way, since they did not see anything reprehensible in such behavior.

Since then, she, according to her, has never met Oliver Stone, but she is sure that he behaved in a similar way towards other women. Carrie says morals in Hollywood need to change and hopes the charges against producer Harvey Weinstein will help the process.

Oliver Stone, 71, has yet to respond to accusations from Carrie Stevens.

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