“Gaultier-Dance” from Germany – in mid-October 2017 in Israel with two programs

The young ballet company “Gauthier Dance”, founded 10 years ago, in the fall of 2007 by choreographer Eric Gauthier, is coming to Israel and will give several performances in Tel Aviv – both at the Tel Aviv Opera and at the Susan Dalal Center.

The first performance of this troupe took place in January 2008 with the ballet “Six Pack”. But the repertoire of “Gauthier Dance” includes works not only by its creator Eric Gauthier, but also by such world famous choreographers as Mauro Bigonzetti, William Forsyth, Jiri Kilian, Itzik Galili, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Leon, Hans van Manen. Already in 2010 the play “Poppea // Poppea” choreographed by Christian Spuck of the Gaultier troupe entered the top ten world productions of the season according to the British magazine “Dance Europe”. The performance also received the German theater prize “Faust”.

At the Tel-Aviv Dance Festival at the Center in Susan Dalal on 16 and 17 October, the company will present excerpts from works by Eric Gauthier, Nacho Duato, Itsik Galili, Alejandro Cerrudo, Johan Inger, Andonis Foniadakis and Nadav Zellner. But the Tel Aviv Opera will present a full-fledged performance – a new choreographic work by choreographer Marko Goecke “Nijinsky”. A ballet that tells the story of the life of one of the largest stars in the ballet sky – about Vaclav Nijinsky.

For the second time Göcke turns in his work to the captivating image of the great dancer who burst into the world of art at the beginning of the 20th century, and whose name is firmly associated with the concept of “Russian ballet”.

Goecke’s avant-garde dance language negates any ballet conservatism, revealing to the public Nijinsky’s talent and his enormous contribution to Diaghilev’s “Russian Seasons” in particular, and to the world of dance in general. The author of Nijinsky was awarded the prestigious Best Choreographer of 2016 prize in Germany (by the way, back in 2006, Göcke was awarded the Nijinsky Prize).

“Performing the choreography of Marko Goecke is like learning Chinese. With him you have to overcome your own boundaries all the time. You are kept at the very limit” – this is how one of the most sought-after choreographers of our time speaks. His works are unforgettable, they have an individual recognizable atmosphere – mystical, magical, sometimes absurd. The language of his choreography is also unique: Göcke concentrates on the movements of the body, arms and hands, with nervous twists and turns, fluttering, wavy and trembling movements. He creates in a quirky and innovative manner.

Göcke is a mystic of modern ballet, who reaches the depth of philosophical parables in his choreography. Thanks to his performances, they realize how limitless the possibilities of dance are when every movement is behind a thought, a unique choreographic language combined with incredible plasticity. He excites the audience – including in Nizhinsky, showing how closely art and madness are connected, reflecting 16 dancers in the dance to the music of Chopin and Glazunov, Russian punk and folk, great triumph and drama associated with fame.

The ballet performance “Nijinsky” will be presented in the framework of the cooperation of the Israeli Opera with the Tel Aviv Dance Festival and the Susan Dalal Center on October 19 and 20.

Choreographer and dancer Eric Gaultier was born in 1977 in Montreal. He received his choreographic education at the National Ballet School in Toronto. In 1996 he joined the Stuttgart Ballet troupe, where he worked as a soloist until 2007. Such choreographers as Christian Spuck, Kevin O’Day, Mauro Bigonzetti, Itzik Galili, Margarita Donlon and Daniela Kurtz created parts especially for him in the theater.

As a choreographer, he made his debut in 2005 with the ballet Lebenszeit, created as part of the Noverre Society’s program for young choreographers, and subsequently staged Ballet 101 and Air Guitar. In autumn 2007 Gauthier founded the “Gauthier Dance” at the Stuttgart Theater. Gaultier’s productions for his own company include Ballet 101 (2006), MM (2009), Orchestra of Wolves (2009), Punk Love (2011) and Takuto (2013). In 2011, the choreographer received the German Future Prize, which is awarded to outstanding young artists. His productions are distinguished by creative ideas, wit, humor and clarity.

Gaultier’s ballets are staged all over the world, in particular at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. The choreographer collaborates with the Berlin State Ballet, the Saarland Theater Ballet in Saarbrücken and the Rotterdam Ballet Scapino. To promote contemporary dance, he created a subsidiary company, Gauthier Dance Mobil, bringing dance to those who cannot go to the theater themselves. The troupe performs in social centers for children, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers. This project is supported by the city authorities of Stuttgart and one of the children’s foundations. For this contribution to cultural enrichment, Eric Gaultier received the Hans Peter Stihl award in 2012.

Choreographer Marko Göcke has been a permanent choreographer of the Stuttgart Ballet since 2005, and since 2013 he has been collaborating as a choreographer with the Netherlands Dance Theater in The Hague. Goecke was educated at the Cologne Ballet Academy, the Heinz Bosl Ballet Foundation in Munich and the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He continued his career as a dancer at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin and at the Hagen Theater, where in 2000 he created his first choreographic composition.

Since then, Göcke has become a sought-after choreographer, highly regarded for his explosive, avant-garde dance language. In 2003 he received the Prix Dom Perignon in Hamburg, and in 2006 in Monte Carlo he won the Nijinsky Prize for promising choreographers. In 2007, his ballet The Nutcracker was nominated for the German Faust prize.

Over the past 10 years, Marco Goecke has created more than 30 works, including two large ballets for the Stuttgart Ballet Company – “The Nutcracker” and “Orlando”. A number of new productions were created by Goecke for the John Neumeier Hamburg Ballet, the Monte Carlo Ballet, the Netherlands Dance Theater, the Norwegian National and Leipzig Ballets. In addition, many of his works have entered the repertoire of ballet companies such as Munich’s Gertnerplatztheater, the Grand Canadian Ballet in Montreal and the Sao Paulo Dance Company.

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