Governor of the Ryazan Region: “We will constantly repair roads, this is our priority”

On Thursday, October 12, for the first time a direct line of the  governor of the Ryazan region was shown on the regional TV channel TKR  . A large block of questions received during the direct line related to the construction and repair of roads.

Governor of the Ryazan Region: “We will constantly repair roads, this is our priority

In particular, an appeal was received regarding a broken road section with a length of 150 m in Panferovsky lane in Ryazan. “It is not clear to me why this area fell out of sight of designers and repair crews. It is not right. It needs to be repaired. The cost of the work is about 1 million rubles. This is not the kind of money you need to save. In 2018, it will definitely be renovated, ”Nikolai Lyubimov said.

The head of the region also answered the question about the poor-quality repair of the Spassk-s. Izhevskoe. “We will deal with this issue. We need to master about 100 million rubles in Ryazan and 100 million rubles in the region. These 200 million rubles came to us additionally from the Government of the Moscow Region. This is a huge help. We will be constantly repairing roads, this is our priority, ”the Governor emphasized.

A resident of u. Chkalov in Ryazan with a request to repair the storm sewer: “After heavy rains, city streets literally turn into rivers. Water gushes fountains from storm water inlets, while often breaking them along with asphalt from the road surface, ”says the author of the letter.

The Governor noted that the issue of repairing the stormwater drainage is long overdue. It is relevant not only for the Ryazan region, but also for other regions of the Russian Federation. “Storm water drainage is available only on 14% of Ryazan streets. This is extremely small. Specifically on the street. Chkalov’s problem is that the pipe has a small volume and cannot cope with precipitation, ”Nikolai Lyubimov said. According to him, ways of solving the problem have been outlined. First of all, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive storm water drainage program, which should be linked to the road repair program. This work is expensive and time-consuming. “Nevertheless, it is necessary to properly care for the existing storm sewage system, determine the belonging of the networks and work,” the head of the region emphasized.

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