How dogs were tamed

Man never managed to tame cats. They live next to people solely because of mutual “partnership“. But the dogs were more than easy to tame. And this is due to several factors.

First of all, it must be said that gregarious animals lend themselves to training and domestication. To which the dogs belong, and with them the wolves. But it is not a good idea to scientifically test which wolf is prone to friendliness and which is not.

The dog is one of the first domesticated animals. But, like cats, dogs domesticated themselves. One of the hypotheses says that in ancient times people, hunting, could kill a she-wolf, in which the cubs remain. And they were taken by people to themselves and raised next to the cubs. And, growing up, they began to perceive a person as their flock, begin to serve and protect him.

Everything would be fine with this hypothesis, if not for the proof that the wolf cannot be tamed (with rare exceptions). Although he is smarter than a dog, and his instincts are richer, he cannot be tamed and trained. And such a matched wolf cub can simply kill its owner when it comes to puberty.

The second hypothesis is that food is the culprit. Man has created a unique ecological feed niche. And it became a food waste dump next to the camps of ancient people. And since there is a food supply, then someone will take it. So, smaller predators gradually began to separate from large canine predators. It was easier for them to eat in the trash than to hunt. They were not the smartest, not the strongest, but the most friendly to humans, so all these genes were fixed, the brain of a dog is much smaller than that of a wolf.

At first, the dogs simply lived at the expense of man, and then the two-legged realized and realized that it was possible to withdraw some benefit from the dogs for himself.

Some dogs became watchdogs, some began to help in hunting, others to graze the herd, and some became a mount. Well, someone, if not at all lucky, was eaten. So some remained “trash” vagrants, and some people took away for any socially useful work. And he began to choose the most capable and, by selection, breed the most suitable breeds for this or that type of activity. And each breed was sculpted for a long time and carefully as from clay. And he blinded the breed for each sneeze.

Cats, in contrast to dogs, came to man as ready-made professionals, whom to teach is only to spoil. And in their entire life of coexistence with humans, they have not learned anything but how to catch small rodents even better than before.

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