Introducing a compulsory chess lesson at school will improve the performance of children

The introduction of compulsory chess classes in elementary schools across the country will help find talented children and improve student performance. This opinion was expressed to TASS by the Russian chess player, grandmaster, multiple champion of Dagestan Dzhakai Dzhakaev.

As the head of the Ministry of Education and Science Olga Vasilyeva said earlier, the Ministry plans to make chess lessons compulsory for pupils of the first and fourth grades in the next two years. According to her, this will not require additional competencies for teachers.

» The Russian Chess Federation has been lobbying for this issue for a long time, since the management is well aware that the introduction of chess as a compulsory lesson and an additional lesson will increase the number of children involved in chess, undoubtedly, will increase the results of children, will allow talented children to find. In Dagestan, we are ahead of schedule in this regard, since 2016, by order of the Minister of Education of the republic, a compulsory lesson in chess has been introduced in all schools of the republic, » Dzhakai Dzhakaev explained.

The problem of staff shortage can be solved

According to him, the main problems faced by the schools of Dagestan when introducing a chess lesson are the lack of coaching staff, equipment and difficulties with scheduling. But, as the chess player explains, people in the republic have learned to solve these issues: for example, special seminars on chess are held for teachers.

» When we were preparing for the first year of general education in chess last year, we, the chess school named after Karpov and the chess department of the republican school, held about 20 seminars, which were attended by teachers from all schools of cities and regions of Dagestan. We familiarized them with the methodological material, with the basics of the chess game, and then issued the appropriate certificates and certificates. The fact is that the level of knowledge that is necessary for teaching children in the first grade is not high. If desired, the director, together with the teachers of the school, if they use the textbooks recommended by the program, can learn to understand chess and then teach, » he said.

The issue of a shortage of inventory in Dagestan is resolved through the Ministry of Education and Science of the republic. Also, in some schools, parents themselves buy them.

» Well, what does it mean to buy chessboards — it’s not expensive, and we are happy to get involved in this business. We haven’t planned any retraining courses yet, it’s just that every school has good mathematicians who play chess, and we did it this way. Chess develops the logic of children, » Larisa Abramova, head of the general and vocational education department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Dagestan, told TASS.

According to Dzhakaev, this year in Dagestan they plan to monitor schools where chess lessons have been introduced in order to understand what issues do not allow further development of this direction and how these problems can be solved.

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