Israel brand rose 19% to $ 224 billion

The American economic consulting company Brand Finance has published an annual rating of brands of countries for 2017, in which it assessed the value and stability of each brand according to the same principles on the basis of which the brands of transnational corporations are evaluated.

The most expensive brand, like a year ago, is the United States. The national American brand rose 2% to $ 21.06 trillion. At the same time, the brand stability rating was downgraded from AAA to AAA- due to the coming to power of Donald Trump.

In second place is China, whose national brand has risen in price by 44% over the year to $ 10.21 trillion with an AA rating. Brands from Germany, Japan, Great Britain, France, Canada, India, Italy, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland and the Netherlands are also valued at more than a trillion dollars.

The Russian brand occupies the 17th position in the rating. It has risen in price by 13% over the year to $ 832 billion and retained its A + rating.

Iran’s brand is 39th. It has risen in price by 11% to $ 250 billion, and its stability rating has been raised from A to A +.

Israel was ranked 41st. The brand of the Jewish state rose 19% to $ 224 billion, and the stability rating rose from AA to AA +.

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