La Repubblica: Vladimir Putin is the new rais in the Middle East

This mission may turn out to be a success for Vladimir Putin, the author continues. “Many people recognize the qualities of an experienced gambler for the Russian president,” the journalist notes.

“If it were not for his taste for risk, in October 2015, Putin would not have decided to get involved in Syria headlong, taking advantage of a place empty due to Obama’s hesitation and European contradictions. torn between the protection of rights, which makes it always and in any case to approve of the revolution, and the fears fueled in relation to Islamic extremism. »

«He brought Russia back to the Middle East to loud fanfare 45 years after Sadat, who decided to pull Egypt out of the Soviet sphere of influence, expelled Moscow’s» military advisers «called up at the request of Nasser, his predecessor, writes Alberto, Italy’s La Repubblica correspondent Stabile — Now a fleet of six warships with a tricolor invented by Peter the Great cruises in the Mediterranean in front of the Syrian coast, protecting 4,500 men and about 50 aircraft deployed over two years in support of Bashar al-Assad’s vacillating throne.

As stated later in the article, for Putin, Iran is an ally, without which at the moment, continuing the war in Syria, he cannot do. “At the same time, we are talking about a very problematic ally in political terms,” explains Stabile. “The coincidence of interests that has been established between Moscow and Tehran is forcing Putin to go out of his way to control the rage of Netanyahu, who, if suddenly the Iranian militants in Syria will become stronger, not ready to accept this fact. «

“Relations with Saudi Arabia look no easier, which sees Tehran as the main threat to its dominance in the region,” the article says. “Therefore, King Salman went to Moscow (this is the first visit of a Saudi monarch to Russia) to hear personally from Putin how he intends to use the advantages gained in the Syrian war, for himself and for the front that belongs to him. » It seems that they talked a lot about business, but about the conflict, everyone remained unconvinced, writes Stabile. This is what is done in such cases to avoid the gap, the author concludes.

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