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Autumn is not only a season for rains and romance. For many women, this is a long-awaited time when it is finally possible to put on long-sleeved clothes and feel more comfortable, hiding unaesthetic shoulders and arms.

In Israel, with its extremely hot climate, this defect sometimes causes not only complexes, but also real discomfort, forcing people to wear closed clothes even on the hottest days.

Summer is over, but, as you know, not for long — at most until April, and then everything will be repeated. In order not to suffer in the next summer season, take care of the elimination of excess volumes and sagging skin of the arms and shoulders today.

It is not surprising that the technique that allows you to get rid of this drawback in just one procedure was developed in Israel. Our country is distinguished not only by a hot climate, but also by smart heads, who are famous for their ingenuity. By combining the possibilities of plastic surgery and cosmetology, the Israelis have developed the Body Tite technique, which allows you to achieve results that previously could only be dreamed of.

Here’s what happens to your arms and shoulders after a single procedure:

  • excess fat is eliminated;
  • volumes are significantly reduced;
  • the shape of the upper arms is corrected ;
  • the skin tightens and becomes elastic;
  • within a few weeks the effect intensifies and stabilizes

Immediately after the end of the procedure, you return to your normal life, but with graceful hands and great mood, and the effect will intensify for several more weeks.

The Body Tite Correction Session is a procedure performed under local anesthesia by the surgeon Dr. Ann Gurevich, an international instructor from INVASIX (the company behind the Body Tite device) and with extensive experience in this field.

Having completed the procedure in the near future, you will still have time to enjoy the Israeli «Indian summer» in beautiful short-sleeved blouses, and next season you will be able to wear light and seductive sleeveless dresses with pleasure.

With the help of the Body Tite apparatus, you can get rid of excess fat on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms; eliminate the double chin and flabby sagging skin of the neck; significantly rejuvenate the skin of the face, regain self-confidence and the pleasure of looking at your reflection in the mirror and receive compliments! Customer reviews, «before» and «after» photos, as well as more detailed information on our Russian-language page on the Internet www.ru.body-tite.com.

For additional information and appointment of a consultation with a doctor, call: 050-3361999 or use the contact form.

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