Men turned out to be more selfish than women — scientists

Men turned out to be more selfish than women. This was established by an international team of scientists in a recent study.

Scientists from Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands have found that women are inherently less selfish than men, reports Nature Human Behavior. It has been found that female representatives are more likely to experience pleasure if they commit altruistic acts.

Scientists recruited 27 men and women for their research. They had to take part in an experiment in which they had to take a certain amount of money or give it to another person.

The results of neuroimaging have shown that in the female brain, the reward system works more actively when they share with other money.

The reward system contributes to the consolidation of behavior through pleasant sensations, and works both during sex and eating, and in a number of other actions performed, including altruistic actions.

Correspondent previously reported that researchers named the best way to deliver bad news.

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