Microsoft and Facebook laid the most powerful cable on the seabed of the Atlantic

The new cable connected the US with Spain. The throughput is 160 Tbps of data per second

Microsoft and Facebook have laid the Marea transatlantic internet cable, which is the most powerful single-water cable across the Atlantic. This was reported by Microsoft, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

It is noted that its bandwidth is 160 Tbit of data per second. This is 16 million times the average speed of a typical home Internet line.

The new superfast internet cable has connected Bilbao (Spain) and Virginia Beach (USA).

It is scheduled to go into operation early next year and will be able to handle a significant portion of traffic between the two continents.

The bulk of Internet traffic now travels over cables that cross the ocean floor and connect continents. Failure of part of this network can be critical for communication between countries.

For example, in 2012, Hurricane Sandy damaged most of the cables, resulting in the Internet connection between North America and Europe was offline for several hours.

It was for the sake of increased resiliency and more reliable connection that Marea was placed significantly south of other transatlantic cables, the report says.

It runs at a depth of more than 3 km, its length exceeds 6.6 thousand km, and its mass is about 4.65 thousand tons. The project started in 2016.

The Marea endpoint in Bilbao provides convenient access to network hubs in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

According to a study by Brookings, 5 billion people will have access to the Internet by 2020 — almost double the number of people now.

Recall that a year ago, Facebook and Google took up the laying of a huge Internet cable to China along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

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