New Orleans Prepares to Attack Hurricane Nate

The US National Center for Hurricane Watch has issued a warning for Hurricane Nate, which is approaching the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Florida. The authorities of these states have already declared a state of emergency.

Presumably, on Saturday, October 7, around midnight , the area from New Orleans to Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana) will be under attack, CNN reports.

Nate will be the third hurricane, after Harvey and Irma, to attack the US mainland in six weeks. In Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras, Tropical Storm Nate has killed at least 24 people, officials said. In addition, the hurricane caused widespread flooding and landslides.

The New Orleans coast is projected to be swept by waves more than three meters high. The authorities have already ordered the closure of the locks on Saturday, October 7th.

There will also be a curfew in the city from Saturday evening to Sunday morning . Communal services are preparing for the fight against the elements, and more than a thousand soldiers of the National Guard are preparing for possible rescue operations.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landry announced the beginning of the evacuation of residents of low-lying areas not protected by a dam — the Venetian Islands, Lake Catherine and the Gulf of Ireland.

In August 2005, New Orleans was attacked by Hurricane Katrina, killing 1,833 people.

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