Profit of «Kamaz» according to RAS for 9 months increased by almost 11 times

Net profit of Kamaz according to Russian accounting standards for 9 months of 2017 increased compared to the same period of the previous year by almost 11 times, to 2.98 billion rubles. This follows from the materials of the company.

Kamaz’s revenue in the reporting period increased by 33.1% to RUB 94.52 billion, gross profit increased 2.6 times to RUB 12.64 billion, sales profit amounted to RUB 5.64 billion. against a loss of 1.72 billion rubles. a year earlier. Pre-tax profit increased 17.8 times to RUB 3.89 billion.

Kamaz ranks 16th among the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and eighth in the world in terms of diesel engine production. The technological chain of the group includes 11 large automotive factories and subdivisions of the auxiliary cycle.

The largest shareholder of Kamaz is Rostec State Corporation (controls 49.9%). Other shareholders include Avtoinvest limited registered in Cyprus (20.81%) and Cyprus Decodelement Services Limited (2.73%).

Both offshore companies represent the interests of the former Troika Dialog. Also among the shareholders are the German auto concern Daimler (15%), the American KAMAZ International Management (4.25%) and Financial Leasing Company Kamaz LLC.

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