Russia asks Turkey for clarification on new export restrictions

Russia has asked Turkey for clarification on the new export restrictions that have been introduced. Some of the documents have already been received from the Turkish side, and they are being analyzed. Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexei Gruzdev told reporters about this.

«They have requested everything from the Russian trade mission in Turkey. We will receive clarifications in the coming days. We have already received certain documents, now we are analyzing them,» he said, noting that the Turkish side has already submitted the regulations for study.

Answering the question whether Russia can introduce retaliatory measures, Gruzdev noted that before it would be necessary to conduct an analysis — «what is this connected with, how much these restrictions fit into the general situation.»

Earlier, Turkey introduced new restrictions for Russian agricultural products: now it is necessary to obligatory certification of invoices submitted to customs services when importing agricultural products from Russia. We are talking about such agricultural products as wheat, unrefined sunflower oil, corn, dry peas, unhulled rice, sunflower seed cake, durum wheat.

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