Russian rapper and Ukrainian fashion model are expecting a baby

Russian rapper Matvey Melnikov and his wife Maria, a fashion model from Ukraine, are awaiting replenishment in the family.

Russian rapper Mot (Matvey Melnikov) and his wife, Ukrainian fashion model Maria Melnikova ( Gural), are expecting a replenishment in the family. This was announced by the rapper himself, presenting a new video for the track When the word disappears.

The fact that a baby will soon appear in their family, Matvey and Maria did not tell the public for a long time. In all the photos, the model hid a rounded tummy in loose clothing or hid it in poses.

Soon, Maria starred in Mota’s new video for the song When the word disappears, in the finale of which she showed a pregnant tummy.

«This song is an oath that I made this year in front of heaven. The video is a secret that we have been hiding for a long time, and today it’s time to tell about it,» said the singer.

As you know, rapper Mot and Maria Gural met on a social network. At that time, Matvey had already moved to Moscow from Krasnodar and was a fairly popular artist, and Maria lived and studied in Kiev. The lovers corresponded all the time on the network and, at the first opportunity, went to visit each other. As soon as the girl graduated from university, the rapper moved her to Moscow. Six months later, Mot made a proposal to his beloved. In August 2016, they officially registered their marriage at the registry office, and in April of this year they got married and had a gorgeous wedding.

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We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Portuguese footballer and striker of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo for the fourth time will become a father.

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