Scientists have found the «lost» half of the universe

An international team of scientists in the course of the study found the missing 50 percent of the visible matter of the Universe, reports arXiv.org.

According to the results of the work of specialists, matter is quite densely packed between galaxies and galactic clusters.

Found the missing half of the universe

Researchers have found 50 percent of the «missing» visible substance.

The universe is reported to be over 95 percent dark matter and dark energy. In this case, ordinary (baryonic) matter is allocated about 4.6 percent of the total occupied space.

In the course of the study, scientists found that in the stars, interstellar medium and hot gas of galactic clusters (clusters) there is only 50 percent of the amount of baryonic matter that scientists had previously called.

Experts also proved that the missing part of ordinary matter is located precisely between galaxies and clusters, while it is rather difficult to detect due to its too low density.

The scientists’ arguments are based on the analysis of data obtained from the Planck orbital observatory, which is designed to study the cosmic microwave background.

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