Security services suspect the assassination of Reuven Schmerling was a terrorist attack

On Saturday evening, October 7, information was released, according to which a breakthrough was achieved in the investigation into the murder of 69-year-old Reuven Schmerling, a resident of the Elkana settlement.

At the moment, it is assumed that the murder was committed on nationalist grounds. According to the Second Channel of ITV, the security services are inclined to believe that it was a terrorist attack.

Most of the details of the investigation are still banned from publication.

The body of an Israeli with traces of violence was found on Wednesday, October 4, in an industrial zone in Kafr Qasem, in an abandoned building belonging to an unnamed enterprise.

The relatives of the victim were initially convinced that it was a crime motivated by ethnic hatred and argued that Reuven Schmerling was killed for being a Jew and a settler.

Soon after the murder, investigators from the General Security Service (SHABAK) joined the investigation, which usually happens when there are suspicions that the crime was a terrorist attack.

At the first stages of the investigation, the version was tested, according to which the murder was the result of a financial conflict that broke out between Schmerling and the Arab workers. At the close of Shabbat, a message was published stating that the information obtained during the investigation indicated that it was, by all accounts, a terrorist attack.

On Friday afternoon, the funeral of Reuven Schmerling took place at the cemetery in the settlement of Elkana. More than a thousand people came to say goodbye to him. Reuven Schmerling was killed the day before his 70th birthday. He is survived by four children and 19 grandchildren.

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