Seven Russian sailors on a ship arrested in the UAE ask to help them return home

In Friday TASS chairman of the Far Eastern regional organization of the Russian trade union of seamen Nikolai Sukhanov.

«The vessel was arrested at the claim of Gazprombank, to which the ship owner, the Nakhodka Portbunker company, owed about $ 15 million; the company’s property, including the Crystal East ship, was arrested in this claim. It has been in the port since July, there are seven sailors from Primorye, who are asking for help in returning documents and repatriation to their homeland, «said the agency’s interlocutor.

According to him, personal documents, including the passports of the sailors, were taken away when the ship was arrested. According to the seamen, which is at the disposal of TASS, the ship was arrested on July 27, and the passports are in the police of the United Arab Emirates.

The statement said that due to the arrest there were interruptions in the delivery of food, water and fuel on board, in September the vessel was de-energized for several days.

Sukhanov noted that the supply of food and fuel has now been established, and the sailors have also paid off almost the entire wage debt. The only thing the crew members and their relatives want now is to return home. According to the interlocutor of the agency, the trade union sent a letter to the Russian consulate in Dubai with a request to intervene in the situation, help people return their documents and go to Russia.

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